Tetramon Monster Battles TCG-Tetramon Monster Battles TCG v1.21 MOD APK (One Hit, High Heal)

Tetramon Monster Battles TCG-Tetramon Monster Battles TCG v1.21 MOD APK (One Hit, High Heal) title=

Tetramon Monster Battles TCG


Tetramon Monster Battles TCG is a game that can give its players great experiences with special battles. If you are a person who has a preference for card-style building games, this will be a game not to be missed. Coming to this game, players will be able to show their talent in taming and using their cards in extremely intense matches.


A game built in the style of cards will definitely need to develop a suitable card system. A good card game will need to have a large number of cards along with the quality that each card can bring. And a huge advantage when players decide to start with the game will definitely be the card system with a lot of well-built character images.

Besides, the Tetramon Monster Battles TCG cards also gain for themselves a lot of different features that players can perform in coordination. The first will certainly be that the player will be a collector when starting the game with the search for unique cards. Next will be the significant thing that can affect the outcome of the matches will be upgrading the cards that reach the best possible level. Finally, get yourself rewards that match your efforts.


In addition to developing a card system, the game also needs to build suitable gameplay. The manufacturers have determined Tetramon Monster Battles TCG to have a card game from the very first ideas when starting with the game. And the crucial point is that the game has also integrated very well the strengths that the card genre can bring to your play.

Players will be able to participate in the system of extremely fierce matches that only the final winner will receive the glory. That’s why the game has added to your play exceptional game modes so that players can fight with their cards. The 8v8 game mode will always be the fiery battlefields as battles begin with the top card users in the match.


Defend your territory in turn-based RPG tactical battles with your squad of eight monsters. Discover the abilities of monsters and demonstrate your ability to be a great monster master. In monster confrontations, you must make excellent tactical judgments.

Choose from a variety of monster assaults, such as the Venom Strike, Power Drip, and Poison Attack, and then choose the creatures that have the most effective attack.

By winning tamer bouts, you will be able to build a monster squad that will be feared across the monster world, allowing you to rise to the position of supreme monster master. As a result, attempt to win as many monster battles as possible while also expanding your monster squad on a regular basis.


Start with a game built in the card genre with extremely attractive gameplay.Card system with a large number of characters and carefully considered character stats.Grow your mighty card army by collecting new cards and upgrading them.Various game modes with multiplayer matches to win.Stunning, beautiful graphics with battle scenes that match card gameplay.