Monster Monster Evolution v35.0 APK (Latest) Monster Monster Evolution v35.0 APK (Latest) title= Monster Evolution

1658+ offers simulated worlds, home to powerful monsters, a monstrous planet, and mystical powers. Players are allowed to choose the types of power and many support tools from the cards and equip a suitable character for your trip. To make it easier to overcome challenges, you should learn about the development diagram of the characters and eat a lot of energy to level them up. Make the most of the power of the guns and take down most of the people who stand in the way.


To own the perfect character for the upcoming battle, allows you to choose cards and preview your character. Monsters will be evolved and ranked according to the rank for each strength. When moving on the planet, the player will let his character collect energy balls to level up. On the main screen of the battle, there will be more turns to use support tools, and they will help you to revive, regain mana or increase damage.


Consisting of the most chaotic fights, is more than a simple encounter; players will use guns and start shooting other characters. The source of energy comes from precise aiming and shooting. With the rule only confronting weaker monsters, run away if you encounter strong bosses. Look at the leaderboard in the corner of the screen and try to rise to the top. This is your chance to rise to new ranks and become the strongest in the region.


Elsewhere, when all battle stops, the players of are planted and grow miracle trees in new lands. Other eggs will be arranged and given time to be able to hatch into strong characters like fire dragons. A new life will help you make a name for a legendary figure. Notice, the connection stories will go further when you are entered and chat live on the interface of the match.

COMPLETE EXCITING COMBAT EXPERIENCE uses a variety of skills to help players create legendary characters and create unique collections. The fun will begin with the further steps in the campaign when your strength balances everything. The battle is chaotic, but you must aim accurately at the target to collect new energy sources. The system will continue recording and performing the update process when the problem occurs.


– Start with learning the development diagram of legendary characters, including fire dragons, green monsters, and many more faces.
– Use the power from the cards and combine them to create energy for the character to continue.
– Takedown your opponents by aiming and shooting accurately to gain control quickly.
– Raise and develop your own beasts in another dimension.
– Chat with your friends right on the interface, use a few good tips to overcome the challenge.