FNF Beat Blade-FNF Beat Blade v0.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

FNF Beat Blade-FNF Beat Blade v0.6 MOD APK (Unlimited Money) title=

FNF Beat Blade


FNF Beat Blade turns the music enjoyment space into a battle between you and the system. This is a tense confrontation with weapons that are magical swords and the quickness of the enemy when using good musical notes to attack you. Players will face a disadvantage on the music track when there are always obstacles. Until this road ends, you can determine your proud victory. The perfect space for a fun reunion, players will take turns ignoring the onslaught of enemies and enjoying the music.


Every week, the system will add new songs for FNF Beat Blade to make your selection diverse. Every track has a fun melody and perfect notes. Each song will perform differently on the music track to make the battle more complicated. The layouts will be refreshed, so your paths never overlap. The entire track will be sorted into a long list. Players will choose the music they want or unlock many new tracks to experience.


The process of conquering the musical path of FNF Beat Blade will encounter some disadvantages. Your biggest disadvantage is the need to overcome all obstacles on the way and confront the waves of enemies. Recorded achievements will help players maintain or develop their position on the leaderboard, and your sword reaches the surrounding areas and prevents their influence on the path. When music is played at a faster rate, you will have to let your hands work more flexibly.


Each player will, in turn, make two essential choices at FNF Beat Blade. Firstly, you can choose your desired character from our list of warriors. They have different styles and possess specific skills on the track. You will get used to how to control the character and make everything smoother. Second, players can choose a perfect sword for their journey. Start with the simplest sword and progress with more modern swords. To unlock new swords, you need to meet the level requirements.


FNF Beat Blade becomes the most experienced music arena with your excellent fighting spirit. Each confrontation will explode in your way and any enemy. To achieve the most desirable achievement, each player needs to choose a suitable character and sword for themselves. The musical notes appearing on the track can hinder you, but they are not as dangerous as the enemy’s attack. That is the biggest reason for you always to be careful. The prestigious reward will be awarded when the player conquers all the tracks played.