BattleBox-BattleBox v2.6.01 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money)

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BattleBox is a combination of fun, exciting but equally attractive. A shooting game that is driving gamers crazy today. Show your talented sniper when participating in this game and knock out all the other participants. Only one can survive, and that’s for sure; no one can beat your ability to shoot. Win all battles and get a chance to unlock all other unique weapons.


When participating in BattleBox, you will play the role of a great gunman and blow away all the enemies who stand in your way. There are three unique game modes to choose from in this game, each with different rules and enemies. They are modes – sandbox, deathmatch, or team battle, respectively. The choice of model depends on the preferences of each person. If you want to show your bravery and confidence that you can take down many opponents based on your sniper talent, sandbox and deathmatch are good choices. But if you want to fight with teammates, then team battle will be the right choice.


If it comes to the factor that makes a shooting game popular in many gaming villages, creating many different spaces for players to choose from is a great idea. Like in this game, you will be participating in many different battle areas, depending on your level. The higher you go, the larger the area will be, and the search for enemies becomes more intense than ever. Find a place to dodge enemies and ambush them all, giving the other participants powerful attacks from you.


Speaking of shooting games, weapons are an indispensable condition in this game. When participating in BattleBox, you are allowed to choose the right weapon for you and use it throughout the battle. But do not forget that the game does not only have a fixed weapon, but it is a series of weapons with many different uses. In addition to handguns or sniper rifles with a range of thousands of miles, you also have the choice of other types such as bombs or grenades.

Of course, each weapon will have its own unique use. If you observe many enemies gathered in an area, it is advisable to use bombs or grenades instead of guns. That not only saves the maximum amount of ammunition in your arsenal but also avoids the attention of surrounding enemies. If you can see the enemies go individually, you can use the guns because bullets in guns will be easy to get compared to other weapons.


As mentioned before, in BattleBox, there are different battle zones. That means you can participate in many combat environments, whether it’s a dessert or a variety of different spaces. In each specific area, you have to confront a lot of other enemies, and you have to carefully observe them all not to be defeated in the first place. You can choose the type of vehicle for each different environment to participate in combat, such as cars or helicopters…


At each level in the BattleBox, you will have the same amount of health as the corresponding number of weapons and ammunition. You must observe the amount of health along with the weapon to replenish it when it is nearly exhausted, or you will die. In addition to being rewarded with health and weapons after each win, you can collect them during your battle. You obtain when you defeat an enemy and get valuable items they are using.